The Syntégra Edge™ Minimize the Clutter. Maximize the Beauty.

The Syntégra EdgeThis is The Syntégra Edge™. Our patent pending, open-edge construction makes it possible to conceal hardware within the steel door to improve aesthetics, performance, reduce tampering and vandalism.
Additionally, the leading edge of the door is fitted with an integrated, full-length adjustable edge that allows it to be fine-tuned to fit the opening and meet demanding building codes for door gap with just a screwdriver. An included edge seal conceals adjustment screws while also attenuating noise and preventing smoke infiltration in the event of a fire. And that is just part of the beauty of this remarkable new door system.

Syntégra also assures:

  • A perfect fit for every door installation including, but not limited to, areas of assembly, elevator cabs, elevator lobbies, cross corridors, smoke barriers and stairwells
  • No bulky lever escutcheons, roses, exit device housings, faceplates, protruding top strikes or door hinges
  • A variety of mechanical and electrical options to match the functional requirements of the installation
  • Saving of valuable time and on-site coordination with pre-installed and pre-adjusted hardware
  • Simple installation – In most cases just hang the door in the opening and attach the door closer
  • Complete compatibility as it is designed, tested and certified as a complete system

Why Integrated Fully Integrated. Fully Functional.

Syntégra offers a new generation of integrated door systems to architects, building owners, contractors, designers and specifiers.

From the moment of installation, Syntégra offers them even more:

  • Whether you want the door to blend in with existing architecture or make a bold design statement, Syntégra integrated doors are the solution
  • Door hardware is factory-installed and adjusted to reduce installation time and cost
  • We supply not only the door, but the frame, closers, hold-open magnets, vision lites and kick plates
  • No mismatched components that can cause unwelcome surprises at the job site
  • We provide a single source for all your needs taking responsibility for all aspects of the door system
  • We work exclusively with the finest suppliers that have proven products and quality systems to ensure initial and long-term performance
  • Unequalled support to assist you through the entire life cycle of the opening